By the Grace of Allah, Masjid-ut-Taqwa officially began its expansion project on October 13, 2017. Through the generous help of our community, we have been able to initiate the first phase of this project and alhamdulillah, we are progressing well. We intend on completing the first phase within the next 6 months, inshaAllah.

As you may be aware, the total projected cost of the expansion project is 1.2 million dollars. In order to complete the first and most important phase, we urgently need $400,000. This amount is in accordance with the revised estimated cost.

Please see the details below for an outline of the completed segments of our project:


• Demolition of the western wall

• Excavation for the proposed extension on the west side

• Footings, forming, and pouring

• Foundation wall forming and pouring

• Weeping tile connection & Sump Pit Installation.

• Passed Inspection for all related concrete and weeping tile work.



Please see the details below for our current work in progress:

• Gravel placing above the weeper

• Backfill complete extension area to grade

• Additional strip footing in between north and south wall to accommodate additional block wall   construction as per engineering requirements.

• Submission of final up to date drawings as per changes on site

• Finalizing upcoming trades (i.e. Block & Masonry work, Structural Steel for the deck and stairs, Concrete slabs, etc.)

We humbly request all of you to continue praying for our Masjid expansion project. May Allah make it a success and a means of benefit for this Ummah. Ameen