Masjid-ut-Taqwa was founded in 1996 by a small community of brothers from Sri Lanka with the only vision and goal to have a masjid in downtown Toronto to provide a place of worship and religious education to all.

Masjid-ut-Taqwa was once an Anglican church, then transformed into a masjid by members of the Guyanese Muslim community, and finally purchased by the Sri Lankan community. At that time, Masjid-ut-Taqwa stood valiantly among a community of non-Muslims; yet as time passed, Muslims congregated to relocate and live near the masjid. Today, there are many Muslims in the locality living peacefully among people of other faiths.

Masjid-ut-Taqwa serves as a center for all Muslims of Sunni devotion, regardless of their culture, creed or nationality. Today, with the grace of Allah we have seen Masjid-ut-Taqwa serve everybody who seeks Taqwa (piety) and who further seeks to reinforce that piety.