The aims and purposes of the Organization shall be:

  1. To hold legal title in one (or more) properties for the purposes of holding a mosque and conducting Islamic religious services and prayer sessions;
  2. To teach and propagate the religion of Islam and the Holy Qur’an to all those who seek guidance irrespective of sect, caste, religion, colour, sex or ethnic origin;
  3. To hold classes and lectures to provide Islamic religious education and instruction to adults and children;
  4. To keep Islamic books and literature in a library at the Mosque for the Members of the Organization and others interested in the teachings of Islam;
  5. To provide a holy place of prayer for the Jumma congregation as a whole during Friday prayers and for individuals outside of the regular Friday prayers;
  6. To assist and guide all Muslims who wish to improve and strengthen their devotion to Allah and the teachings of his messenger the Holy Prophet Muhammed sallallahualayhiwasallam