Masjid-ut-Taqwa provides Nikah (marriage) services.
Before you contact the Masjid or Imam for marriage/Nikah, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Marriage License Document
    A marriage license must be obtained from any City Hall in Ontario prior to the date of the Nikah. Go to your nearest city hall and ask for a marriage license. (You will have to provide necessary identification and pay a fee for the application).
  2. Guardian for the bride, and two witnesses
    The Bride must be represented by a male relative (Wali). (If you are unsure who qualifies for a Wali, please contact the masjid)
  3. Dowry (Mahr)
    The dowry should be discussed and agreed upon by both parties before the Nikah ceremony to avoid dispute and misunderstandings.

Once you obtain the marriage license, and fulfill the above mentioned requirements, please contact the Masjid or Imam to arrange an appointment for the Nikah.