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Services and Programs offered : Weekly Jumuah prayers, Special Ramadhan prayers and programs, Evening Maktab program for boys and girls, Sunday school classes for children and youth, Hadith and Tafseer classes, Full-time Hifdh program, Religious counseling for all age groups, Matrimonial Nikkah services, Various Da'wah-related program

Expanding Taqwa

We believe that building a strong religious foundation in a traditional setting is extremely important for adults and children alike so as to inculcate positive values and practices that benefit the community and all of humanity. Alhamdulillah, with the approval of the membership and the wider community, the board of directors has initiated the project to expand and refine the internal and external aspects of the masjid’s building structure. The estimated cost for this project is $1,200,000. InshaAllah we hope to complete this project in three phases over a span of three years.

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